Fictional Characters I Wish Were Real (or, My Imaginary BFF’s)

I’d say this list is in honour of ‘World Book Day’ which took place yesterday but since half of the people on it are from TV Shows that’s not very believable. Let’s just be honest and say I wrote this list because I wanted to.

Please note I have nothing against my real friends. I just obviously think these people would be cooler to hang around and would totally up my street cred (which could really do with some ‘upping’).

So without further ado I bring to you, dear reader, my list of “Fictional Characters I Wish Were Real” (or, “My Imaginary BFF’s”):

1) Veronica Mars
Pros: She’s badass, sarcastic, and could help me with any and all future detective work. Maybe we could even start our own business.
Cons: Her awesomeness would outshine mine.

2) Tony Stark (aka. Iron Man)
Pros: Played by Robert Downey Jr., super brilliant, super rich, SUPER HERO. Also, I would never have to drink alone.
Cons: He doesn’t really seem like the type to share and, if I’m being honest, there really is no point in having a friend with a super badass superhero suit unless you can borrow it.

Oh, Methos! You were one of my first fictional crushes. Not just an older man but the OLDEST man. Be still my heart.

Oh, Methos! You were one of my first fictional crushes. Not just an older man but the OLDEST man. Be still my heart.

3) Methos
Pros: With Methos as my “phone a friend” I would be able to beat my brother in ANY history debate. Plus he has such a soothing voice.
Cons: People are always trying to chop off his head. (If you don’t know who Methos is FOR SHAME! Highlander is still one of my favourite shows.)

4) Hermione Granger
Pros: She’d be able to introduce me to my future husband Harry Potter AND she would be my “in” to all things Hogwarts.
Cons: She’s friends with Ginny Weasley whom I obviously dislike. Bitch.

Deep down I know we wouldn't really get along, but I'm sure mutual hatred is just as much a basis for friendship as common interests ... RIght?

Deep down I know we wouldn’t really get along, but I’m sure mutual hatred is just as much a basis for friendship as common interests … RIght?

5) Kara Thrace, (aka. Starbuck)
Pros: She’s badass, no-nonsense, and hands down the best viper pilot ever. Bonus: think of all the jokes we could make while in an actual Starbucks!
Cons: She’s a bit of a bitch and would probably sleep with my boyfriend.

6) Rory Gilmore
Pros: I feel like we would just have the best time ever, hanging out and making cool literary and pop culture references.
Cons: I don’t really want to compete with Lane for “best friend status” and don’t even get me started on Lorelai.

7) Rogue
Pros: She’s one of the X-Men who I have been obsessed with since I was 5. Plus she’s pretty badass with a super tragic backstory and a penchant for witty banter.
Cons: I’m in love with Gambit so that may cause a pretty big rift between us … Thou shalt not covet thy friend’s boyfriend.

8) Doctor Who (11th Incarnation)
Pros: I would get to hang out with Amy and Rory all the time (at least until “that thing” happened), I would get to see all of time and space and have the BEST adventures.
Cons: I can’t run very fast and would probably die. Or, if I did make it out alive, I would probably end up with some serious abandonment issues when he left me for another companion.

9) Mercy Thompson
Pros: She’s a coyote shifter, super sassy, resourceful, and has a great ‘in’ with the important werewolves in North America .
Cons: I feel like her lifestyle might be a bit too dangerous for my tastes … I’m more of a “sit at home, drink tea, and speculate” kinda girl and less into ass kicking as a profession.

10) Merry and Pippin (We’re obviously on a first name basis)
Pros: They are two of the most famous Hobbits in Middle Earth which is obviously extremely cool. Plus if I managed to befriend them before the whole business with the ring I wouldn’t be seen as a hanger on, but could also manage to escape the whole fracas by “being sick that day … for 10 years”.
Cons: I wouldn’t be able to compete with their “Remember when?” stories. Plus my replica of the one ring might freak them out.

See! There is totally a space for me at the end of that table!

See! There is totally a space for me at the end of that table!

7 thoughts on “Fictional Characters I Wish Were Real (or, My Imaginary BFF’s)

  1. wull .. since today if thursday .,.., it IS thursday isn’t it …, oh, sorry and tomorrow is a
    special day i thought i’d introduce the world to some real life characters who i am impressed with because
    while they may not be bad ass yet … they are well on their way to being bad ass mostly because
    they have goals … well shit … i can’t think of anything clever to say since i am physically exhausted from working outside here in the north woods … but … so i’ll stop here and just say … jeeze … thanks for reading my story … . does triSARAtops mean that you have two friends named sarah but you are the the best of the three. wull, while stupid is funny, in my book, this comment is beyond stupid … therefore not very funny … NEVER THE LESS … you are very cool and very funny and thanks again for taking the time to stop over at my place … …. ks

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