All About the Author (or, Simply Shameless)


Flirting with disaster in an attempt to be just flirting

Sarcastically sincere and sincerely sarcastic


The only thing I like better than talking about myself is writing about myself. I love to write, write, and write as well as hyperbolize and wax poetic and having a forum that is completely my own where I can divulge far too much personal information and tell you all of the things about me that you never wanted to know? That is my definition of sheer bliss.


I am an intensely private person who loves to share all of my thoughts on the internet without actually divulging anything of substance. I love to write lists (always ending in multiples of 5’s or even numbers, thank you OCD), make fun of my Dad, retell hilarious childhood anecdotes and generally ramble on and on. Often I will do all of those things in the same post! What can I say? That’s just how I roll. (Please imagine me doing something cool like slowly putting on sun glasses while you read that last line.)

triSARAHtops is where I write about all of my awkward encounters, my general weirdness, my childhood traumas, and it is where I publish the Love Letters I write. It is my home, my love, and my passion.

I (usually) post Tuesdays and Fridays and do a happy dance literally every time I get a new like or subscriber.

I also love to hound my friends and family immediately after hitting the “Publish” button, asking them 30 seconds after going live if they have had a chance to read my latest post yet or if they think I am super hilarious or if they honestly believe I am the best writer they have ever known. (The answer is usually no to all of those questions, but persistence is key!)

Please enjoy, dear reader, and let me know what you think. I welcome any and all comments and am a sucker for shameless flattery.

Sincerely and Sarcastically Yours,


more about me?

PS. In addition to this blog I have a more serious blog where I practice writing various genres, The (Western) Canadian, but triSARAHtops is where my heart rests.

33 thoughts on “All About the Author (or, Simply Shameless)

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  2. Dear TriSARAHtops, if I may call you Ms.Tops. I am so glad to see that you have joined my little rabble over at the Attic. We are a small cluster of slightly disturbed, but genuinely narcissistic fellow bloggers, who at my command (actually they ignore everything I say), shall share riotously insane post and comments in our attempt to take over WordPress. As of yet, no one has taken any of us seriously, so you’ll probably fit right in. And I’d like to say at this moment, welcome, but I have to write instead. :O)

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