Who Knew?

Apparently telling your neighbour that you saw a murder in the park on your morning dog walk and then revealing that it was just a large gathering of crows is not actually funny.

Who knew?

I suppose it doesn’t help that the park I go to at 5:30 in the morning is rather scary. (Unless my parent’s are reading this, in which case it is perfectly safe and not at all intimidating. I promise.)
I also suppose it doesn’t help that recently there was a dead body found buried in a different park that is also close by.

Alas, tact is not my strong suit.

Perhaps I should just stick to awkward knock, knock jokes?

PS. Dear Reader, I seem to be the only person who suspects that my upstairs neighbour was involved in the recent park murder (of the human variety, not the crows). Apparently daily laundry is not “grounds for suspicion”. I remain vigilant.

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