NBFF (New Best Friends Forever)

I have a new best friend.

This is a bit of a controversial statement as my sister has always been my best friend (and still is, for the most part – no one can replace my sister) but my new friend and I just have a bond that has developed so quickly into something deep and irreplaceable.

We first met on June 4th though I saw her picture a few weeks before and just knew that we would be close. It sounds weird but it’s the truth. You know that feeling you get when you see something and just know that your life is about to change? That was the feeling I got when I saw her. It was the eyes that did me in, brown and soulful. She has the type of eyes that just instantly let you know everything is going to be ok.

No. Not just ok. Better than ok.

Within days of meeting we became inseparable. We go for walks together every day, usually twice a day. We plan adventures and cuddle on the couch to watch Netflix. Kevin loves her too which is making our constant companionship possible. And my sister, Julia, adores her. They even go on adventures together without me (I try to pretend I am not jealous, but they both know I am).

And to top it all off my best friend is literally a Ninja.

This girl sneaks, jumps, and plays like a character from Daredevil. It comes naturally to her and is pretty darn cool. I would be envious if I didn’t love her so much. She has limitless energy! It’s almost exhausting but it balances out my cautious personality perfectly.

She never talks over me and lets me voice my opinions, no matter how silly or stressed.

She always has a hug for me, even when I think I don’t need one.

She has helped tremendously with my anxiety, forcing me to leave the house and just get outside when all I want to do is curl up and sleep.

She understands me and loves me unconditionally, no matter what.

Sure, she likes to try and steal food off my plate (a pet peeve of mine) but everything else about her is so amazing I can overlook this one flaw.

I just know that we are in this together for the long haul and I can’t say how happy that makes me.

Without further ado I am pleased to introduce you, Dear Reader, to my best friend.



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