A Long Time Ago, or Back in the Day

A Story of Two Sisters

As with all other stories, this one starts with a beginning …

A long time ago, in the Western Coast of Canada, two sisters were born. Both beautiful and smart, together they became everything they ever wanted to be – adventurers, mermaids, explorers, damsels, architects and everything in between. The possibilities were endless. They starred in a soap opera (Hospital Happening), built an entire city (Barbie Land), encountered a Killer Moth, survived a daring encounter with a dark tunnel and fed mud to obnoxious neighbours.

Their summers were filled with inside jokes: closet coke fiends and shrine misunderstandings, pond-digging and fly swallowing, uphill encounters and downhill adventures, paint repairs and bedroom baseball, all night card games and Mario Party giggles, orange cake mix and flour fights, SNES Routines and dance numbers (“Hat’s off to Larry!”), paper mache and perfume, bedroom window pulleys and a hidden brick wall. Together they got in (and out) of trouble, one always convincing the other that if it’s already been done you can’t get in trouble for it … and one always believing it!

They did everything together, including take the most life-changing trip either could have imagined. FANZ, a summer of Aussie loves and Kiwi hikes through creepy woods, of ‘canoeing’ and crocodiles, of bottles of rum and drink coupons, of sprite explosions and sugar cane, of dancing boys and sky diving, of jungle treks and movie premieres, of King Arthur and I Robot, of tattoos and zoos, and the dangers of a credit card – a summer neither expected and neither will ever forget. Ziggay say wha…?

Through the tears and laughter they have always been the best of friends – a special bond that only sisters can share, even from a province away.

To Johnny M,
With Love,
Johnny M

2 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago, or Back in the Day

  1. … I knew about all of this… Why not write about the stuff I don’t know?
    ps – The fly didn’t taste half bad!

    • You just think you know about all of that. Only the Sters know it all! Mwa ha ha ha….

      By the by, I think this one is my favorite thus far (it is possible I am biased).

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