The Dating Saga Continues

*I have been asked if any of these guys made it past date one, or if they were recent additions to the ridiculousness that is my life. The answer is yes and no, respectively. Yes, one made it to date two, and no, none of these examples are recent.  I decided to wait before posting about people in case of stalking issues.

A special thanks to Kissee McGee and The (wishes he was) Hulk. Without you none of this would be possible.

The Dating Saga Continues and I am left to wonder, is it my awkwardness that brings out the worst in guys, or the worst in guys that brings out my awkwardness?

For your (hopefully) continued enjoyment, I bring to you 10 Signs Your Date was a Winner (or, Things That Actually Happened to Me):

1)      He gave me the once over and then said “I hope you got skim milk” after I ordered my latte

2)      He wanted me to walk him to his bus stop and wait with him, even though my bus came first

3)      He kissed me and all I could think was “He’s much shorter than he said. Much, much shorter.”

4)      He casually told me about his rage issues and how he almost got fired from work for taking a swing at a fellow employee

5)      … And then was surprised that I work retail and don’t “just snap” and “see red for hours”.

6)      He kissed me again and all I could think of was how much I wanted to go home, put on my sweat pants and dance around to the Camp Rock Soundtrack

7)      He asked me if I had ever had any life or death experiences, and if they turned me on

8)      He spent 25 minutes telling me about all of the things his ex-girlfriend “stole” in the breakup

9)      … And then delighted in telling me that he stole her bird, and it died (apparently these two facts are unrelated, but still quite suspicious)

10)   When the highlight of the date was coming home to tell my parents about all the things that went wrong.

With that in mind, dating in Victoria is still better than dating in Edmonton. At least no guy here has made me sit through a half hour of abortion and rape jokes, and then got angry when “I wasn’t in the mood”.