Quarks are Quirky

Yesterday my sister regaled me with these great words of wisdom: “I’m pretty sure he didn’t break up with you because of your preference for rhombi.”

This may not mean much to you, dear reader, but for me it was a major relief! (I would hate for my love of the rhombus to interfere with my love life.) Where am I going with this, you ask? Read on to find out!

You see, I possess a rare quality known as The Quirk Factor (NOT the Quark Factor. Aside from my love of Sheldon Cooper I don’t have any interest in Physics.) Mostly found in “nerds”, it is also a popular trait amongst the socially awkward, the introspective, and recluses around the globe. Due to the influx of Comic Book Movies and the growing popularity of shows such as “The Guild” and “The Big Bang Theory”, The Quirk Factor is slowly taking over pop culture.

The Quirk Factor is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a quirky personality. A genuine relish for the ridiculous, an appreciation for the awkward, a passion for the peculiar … and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while (or have talked to me in person for more than five minutes) you know that I am the embodiment of this.

But I digress. My sister’s words to me yesterday morning were not just a relief to that nagging feeling I’ve been having that the boy and my shapes just weren’t compatible. (There’s a joke in there somewhere. A geometry joke.) No! It also inspired me to write yet another list! (Are you excited? I bet you are! Who doesn’t want to know more about me? Seriously, who?) And thus I bring to you “10 Quirks for the Curious” (or, “These are NOT reasons I am Single”):

His Dad is such a Square!

1) As mentioned above, my favourite shape is the rhombus. This has nothing to do with the actual structure of rhombi, but how much fun it is to say Rhombus. Say it with me,  Rhombus.

2) I don’t like odd numbers unless they are multiples of 5. There are a few exceptions but to go into them would make me sounds strange. OCD FTW.

3) I get along better with people over the age of 45 than with people my own age.

4) I love watching modern video games being played but I hate playing them. Really the only video games I love playing are old school console games or anything with Lego in the title.

5) I use Air Quotes both excessively and inappropriately. This is not always deliberate.

6) I love Chuck Palahniuk, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalocalypse, and South Park. The more offensive and ridiculous the humour the more I love it.

Which brings me to my next fact …

7) What I don’t appreciate? Constant offensive humour. Unless you’re a best-selling author, Jon Lajoie, or featured Friday nights on Adult Swim, please keep it to yourself. I don’t want to hear it.

I hear ya! Get it? “Hear ya?” Cause you’re singing?

8 ) I don’t know the words to 90% of the songs I sing along to. The beauty of this? My singing voice is so terrible that people tune me out and rarely notice what words I’m actually belting out. Life is awesome.

9) I think the exploding fist bump and the rolling thumbs up are the two COOLEST ways to express satisfaction.

And last, but definitely not least …

10) As previously stated in a post last spring, I love dinosaurs! What I neglected to tell you is that most of what I love about dinosaurs is untrue. You are hearing it here first; all of my favourite dino facts are made up by yours truly. I know, I know it’s surprising. Here I had you convinced that Triceratops were the prehistoric equivalent of the King of the Jungle and that Pterosaurs (aka: Pterodactyls) charged cab fare to fly smaller dinos on busy Friday evenings. Mind. Blown.

This is 100% how it happened.