Morning Person

When I wake up every morning at 5:30 to walk Ninja, Kevin steals my pillow.

People I tell this story to think it’s cute and romantic, that he is snuggling my pillow in an attempt to be close to me.

I personally think it’s demonic.

It’s my pillow, buddy. Hands (or face, as it were) off.

Alas, I have yet to think of a form of sabotage that doesn’t backfire by destroying my pillow.

It’s a real problem, Dear Reader.

I welcome any suggested solutions, except those telling me to share.


Just Tea, Thank You.

It’s a rambling sort of day filled with slow blinks and incoherent thoughts but I thought I would post something anyway (mostly because I wanted to share the picture at the bottom of the post).

Today is muggy and a little miserable in that west coast spring kind of way (so much rain!) and it is one of those days where I wish I could curl up with a rather large pot of tea, a good book, cozy pajamas, and a fleecy blanket.
(Ok, if I am being honest I feel that way every day, but today especially.)

Alas, since my work isn’t likely to let me lounge in my office in my pj’s with or without a fleecy blanket or let me read on the job I will have to settle for tea.

So here I sit, counting down the hours between sips of pomegranate green tea and day dreaming about travel and all of the craft projects I have started at home which are eagerly awaiting my attention. Well, as eagerly as inanimate objects can await anything …

Time sure moves slowly when you’re waiting for it.