Excuses, Excuses (and Dinosaurs!)

Lately (and even farther back than lately) I have been getting a lot of flack for not writing more often. And, while I certainly do feel bad that I am not able to regale the internet with hyperbolic stories of my dazzling life, the truth is I just have a whole pile of excuses. (You may remember those from my previous post, the Apology I wrote to my Father. Or you may not. It was a long time ago.)

You see, in addition to my very active social life (I now have TWO friends, and a boyfriend.), my Pinterest Addiction (which has not waned), and my fear of not being funny (which has increased exponentially), I now have a New Excuse!

Drum Roll Please: I am back at school!
Yup. I am back in the world of learning!

About what you ask?

Well, I am soon to be taking this fantastic course about DINOSAURS! Yup. Dino 101. It starts this September and features all of my favourite things about learning: it’s not graded, it’s done on my own time, it’s free, and it’s about DINOSAURS!

I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am about this. Dinosaurs have been a passion of mine since my brother convinced me that the fiercest of all dinos, the most important of the prehistoric lizards was named after me. For years I have wanted to take a course on them, but the high costs of University and the lack of “General Interest Dinosaur Courses” has stood in my way. But no longer!

On my brother’s recommendation I have purchased a new book, “The Dragon Seekers” by Christopher McGowan, to get me in the “mood” for learning. (As if I have ever NOT been in the mood to learn about dinosaurs.) I have also been watching a lot of Dinosaur Office in preparation. To further prove my dedication, my future plans include downloading the entire series of Jurassic Fight Club and forcing Kevin to watch all of the Land Before Time movies with me. It’s a hard life.

You can see why all of this, on top of working full time, interferes with my writing.

For this I apologize.

I only hope that you, dear reader, will forgive (and envy) me as I learn about the Attack and Defense of Dinosaurs (Week Five is when I plan to watch nothing but Jurassic Fight Club).

PS. I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that I am taking the Accounting Technician Diploma Program from Thompson Rivers University via correspondence, which, at an average of 16+ hours of studying and homework a week, also cuts into my writing time. But, let’s be honest, when it comes down to Dino 101 vs. the Fundamentals of Accrual-Basis Accounting, which course are you going to get more excited about?

PPS. I actually really enjoy Accounting. Especially Accrual Basis Accounting.

PPPS. That’s not a joke. Accounting is awesome.


Dinosaurs were really rather sophisticated.