An Alphabet of OCD

A          Alphabetizing Everything

B          Breakdowns

C          Counting

D          Double Checking, then Double-Double Checking (Never Triple Checking because that’s an Odd way to put it)

E          Even Numbers Only

F          Freaking Out about Odd Things (Literally)

G         Googling one subject for hours, even the boring stuff

H          Hoarding but calling it Collecting

I           Interested in Everything, though really it is more obsessive than actual interest

J           Joking about “CDO” (It’s like OCD, but the letters are in Alphabetical Order… As they should be.)

K          Kicking ass at colouring books

L           Lack of Sleep

M        Multiples of 2, 5 or 10

N         Normalizing behaviour

O         Obsessive Organization

P          Practicing Conversations

Q         Questions and being extra, extra thorough

R          Rituals

S          Social Anxiety

T          Tracking Everything: Books Read, Movies Watched, Steps Taken …

U         Understanding when others have the same problem

V          Very, Very Organized (which is different than Obsessive Organization … because I say so)

W        Watching everything and everyone … but in a non-creepy way. Mostly.

X          X-Tra ways of spelling words because you have to complete the alphabet

Y          Yelling when people try and put your books/dvds/life out of order

Z          Zonked – or, perpetually exhausted.

An Alphabet of Sarah

These are a few of my favourite things …

A             Awkward Love Letters

B             Board Games

C             Crafts!

D             Dinosaurs

E              Earls, of the Historical Romance Variety

F              Felicia Day ❤

G             Geeking out about Marvel Movies

H             HARRY POTTER! (Still? Always!)

I               Instagram Filters

J              Julia, obviously

K             Kevin too, I suppose

L              Lord of the Rings (and the Hobbit Too)

M            Mercy Thompson Books by Patricia Briggs

N             Nieces and Nephews (Munchkin Love)

O             October and all things Fall

P             Penguins! ALL OF THE PENGUINS!

Q             Quotes about ridiculous-ness

R             Robots, preferably ones that aren’t out for world domination

S              Scrapbooking

T              Travelling

U             Umbrellas and Rainy Days

V             Vancouver Island Explorations and Hiking Dates

W            Writing, every day, all the time, forever

X             X-Men

Y              Yogilates ❤

Z              ZUMBA!

I am currently working on some Alphabet Quiet Books for my niece and nephew, filling them with alphabets of animals and objects that I believe they should know and love (I plan on introducing them to many a Fandom) and thus had personalized alphabets on the brain.

Also, I suffer from a lack of inspiration today so this is all you get.

Finally, Dear Reader, I promise to start writing again soon though I really have been enjoying my temporary hiatus/vacation.