Negative Nancy No More!

So, I bet you read the title for this post and thought it would be another introspective rant about how much life is better when one uses the power of positive thinking.

Well … you were wrong.

I was really only looking for an excuse to share this image:

Autobots, Roll Out!

I’ll be sure to step up the self-absorption in my next post to make up for this travesty of an update.

PS. I’m a pessimistic optimist; the glass is half full, but I know I’m going to spill it.

Whoa! Heavy stuff!

That last entry wasn’t at all what I promised when I started this blog. Sorry folks, sometimes self reflection gets in the way of satirical observation. Though, I suppose I could satirically self reflect (self reflect satirically?)

To make up for that incredibly self involved post, please laugh out loud to today’s XKCD.



Did you laugh out loud? I know I did!