Bad Day

Today was not off to a good start.

I missed my bus this morning because of my new “Stop and smell the roses” attitude.

That phrase should really come with a disclaimer.

I was at the stop with plenty of time, five minutes early as the website suggests, when I noticed the flower garden behind the glass bus shelter. I smiled to myself and ambled over. (Ambling is also part of my new attitude. One does not want to rush when trying to “take part in life”.) The flowers were perfect so I snapped a few photos, taking care to include some selfies of me connecting with nature, lost in the beauty of it all.

Then suddenly I heard the engine and I looked up from my hunched position, face planted smack dab in the middle of some pink flowers. The bus drove by, the driver tipping his hat to me in mocking acknowledgement as he drove past.

I don’t think he intended to mock me but I will remain bitter regardless.

When I finally arrived at work 20 minutes late I sat down at my desk only to realize I had forgotten my lunch. I frowned, remembering my frozen dinner sitting on the counter, defrosting slowly while I sit trapped in my office for the next 8 hours. There will be a puddle of water on my counter.

I do not like puddles. bad day

Throughout the day my Bad Day Curse settled around me like an ugly smell, my accompanying scowl adding to the atmosphere.

I forgot to save my inventory report. I dumped water on myself right before my boss walked into my office. I was 27 cents short for my coffee and had to pay using MasterCard. I ripped my sleeve trying to cuff it in a fashionable way.

No, today was not a good day.

Now, dear reader, normally this would be the point in a post where the writer starts spewing some optimistic rhetoric telling you about how it’s always good to look at the bright side of situations and to remember to turn that frown upside down. But not me! Nope! I am going to tell you that sometimes a bad day is a bad day!

And today was a doozy.

*Cue scowl*.

bad day

This is my favourite SnapChat face. I am about 98% sure it’s what my soul looks like.

4 thoughts on “Bad Day

  1. Sometimes you gotta let days be sucky without looking for the silver lining. Here’s hoping the next day goes a lot smoother–and karma sneaks up behind that bus driver!

    • Agreed! I really believe in the importance of letting yourself be annoyed with situations without letting it take over and become super angry.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. Grumble away, fellow grumbler. Sometimes a bad day IS just a bad day. And sometimes the most comforting thing to do is not smile in a this-too-shall-pass way, but shake your fist with vigor! I’ve had a bad day too. Car wouldn’t start, AAA came to charge the battery, died again an hour later, AAA had to come back and sell me a new battery. Thennnnnn had to go to the doctor’s office and play the wait-forever-and-ever game. Blerf!

    • Thank you for your comment!
      That DOES sound like a bad day! It’s so therapeutic to just let yourself grumble and complain and be angry for a bit 🙂
      Also, Blerf is officially my new favourite word/sound effect. Thank you for that!

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