Actual Science, Probably

A ground breaking study proves that visiting your friend in Victoria BC leads to a happier, longer life.

Recently conducted by a moderately well respected person who frequently reads science fiction, a new study believes it has proven that frequent visits to Victoria, British Columbia can not only lead to a happier life but a longer one.

“In recent years many studies have been linking happiness to healthier habits and longer life expectancy so this study really is an offshoot of those” says Miss Porter, the driving force behind this research. “I mean, anyone with Google can tell you that!”

When asked to explain her research Miss Porter cited many links, including this article from 2011, which she admittedly only skimmed (but she for sure got the gist of it).

Victoria, BC is widely believed to be one of the top destinations to visit in Canada, known for its beauty, diversity, and abundance of Craft Breweries. Lovely all year round, Victoria also boasts an interesting history and with the dwindling Canadian dollar coupled with recently announced direct flights from Dublin to Vancouver now is the time to come!

Miss Porter is confident that the entire scientific community agrees with and supports her findings. As well, she hopes to continue her study in 2016 or 2017 by encouraging her good friend to visit from Ireland which will help provide more concrete research.

More to come.


One of the many delightful places to visit, the Breakwater in Victoria BC is a popular tourist spot.

17 thoughts on “Actual Science, Probably

  1. Well, there it is. The scientific proof we’ve all been waiting for. I’ll pack my bags immediately. Um… do you think you could, you know, put me up for a few days until I find a place?

  2. Sadly, I’m not from Ireland, but I am Irish which makes me something of an authority on the wonders of Victoria. The people are all lovely there—making it hard to ignore the fact that they’re all Canadian. The rate of exchange works a visiting Americans favor—why, the Canadians are practically giving money away! And they have this lovely little garden they call, Butchart, which is full of flowers—imagine that! The Empress Hotel at the harbor offers more delight, not the least of which is a lovely tea—and you can drink it too! Clean? Well…you could eat off the sidewalks! But try to avoid that, since they have a plethora (ouch, saying that hurt my mouth) of sidewalk cafe’s. Oh… they also pretend to be British. But, that’s okay, though, because I’m from the British Isle’s—which gets a little confusing as the Victorians don’t drive on the right side of the road? And the most amazing part of all of this is…VICTORIA IS REAL AND NOT RIGHT OUT OF SOME SCIENCE FICTION STORY! Which means… you better get up there right away and start experimenting. 😀

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