Ghostly Guests

I am 37% sure there is a ghost in my apartment.

I know what you’re thinking, Dear Reader. 37% doesn’t sound THAT sure but trust me, that is about as confident I get.

The ghost seems friendly enough: A dark figure seen from the corner of my eye, a weird prickling down my neck that doesn’t feel sinister – just off, and that stubbornly persistent old man smell that has permeated my apartment for the last two years and definitely does not come from me.

Compiling information from this overwhelming evidence I can only conclude that the ghost is that of a fairly nice old man who likes to hang out by my kitchen.

Or perhaps an overactive imagination, but that doesn’t seem nearly as likely.

No. It’s definitely a ghost.

I am 37% sure which is basically positive.

This is my "Ghost Sighting" Face. It's a lot like my normal, everyday face.

This is my “Ghost Sighting” Face. It’s a lot like my normal, every day face.

11 thoughts on “Ghostly Guests

  1. No ghost, but I’m 37% sure that I have a wife in the house. And, almost 42% sure we have 2 dogs. I base this all on some pretty good facts. The dogs because I can hear them bark from time to time, and their bowls are usually empty not long after I fill them. Little less sure about the wife, but then I never put any bowls out for her. However, occasionally I’ll hear her bark, that happens right after I’ve failed to take the trash out, or not do the dishes.

    • Ghosts eh? Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without the old man smell.

      That made a lot more sense in my head than it does on the screen. Alas, I am far too lazy to think up another reply.

      There is a reason I have not yet quit my day job.
      … Yes. That reason is because I can’t think of clever replies.

  2. Lol! 37% is about as sure as I get about things too, so that’s good enough proof for me! There’s an old man smell in my apartment too, but I’m pretty sure it’s the pile of dirty socks in my corner that have somehow managed to come alive…

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