Where You Lead? Apparently Not!

My Dad and I have always been close. It started when I was young and we would go grocery shopping together and continues even now where he is still the primary audience to my blog and other creative endeavours, but never were things better than when we sat down every Wednesday to watch Gilmore Girls on Global.

This, Dear Reader, is why I was so excited to read this news yesterday!

Gilmore Girls is coming back! I repeat: Gilmore Girls is coming back! This is not a drill!

Lorelai! Rory! Oh, how I have missed you!

Lorelai! Rory! Oh, how I have missed you!

My heart soared and I instantly thought of the one other person I knew who needed to hear this news.

My Dad.

I immediately emailed him the link, my thoughts racing thinking of the Daddy-Daughter dates we were soon to have. He was obviously going to be overcome with excitement. Maybe the two of us would even start a weekly re-watch, counting down for the new show? I wonder if he would be too upset if I could only spare an evening every 2 weeks?

No. It’s my Dad. I can make it out to my parent’s house 1 evening a week for an hour or two.

The possibilities filled my mind. Who would Rory end up with? Or would she be a strong, single, woman taking the world by storm? Were Lorelai and Luke still together? And how is Emily dealing with Richard’s death? And what about Paris?! I couldn’t wait to analyse every episode with my Dad, relating each story to our weekly lives, dishing gossip and sharing moments.

About 10 minutes after sending my email I realized this news was far too important to wait until his evening computer time. No. Dad needed to know about this and he needed to know now!

I picked up the phone and called my parents. My Mom answered and after a rushed yet pleasant chat I asked to speak to my Dad so I could tell him something IMPORTANT (the emphasis on the word ‘important’ resonated over the phone).

Mom called Dad to the phone and I quickly relayed the news.

Dad was … Actually Dad was fairly neutral and that’s putting it politely.

If I am being really honest, Dad was just not interested.

I felt ridiculous.

Here I had sent him an email AND phoned to tell him the news all within 15 minutes believing he would be just as excited as I was, if not more so.

And he just didn’t care. I mean, he pondered briefly how they could do a revival as “isn’t Rory really old now?” but his heart just wasn’t in it.

I sputtered a bit while explaining my humiliation and Dad, bless his heart, tried to backtrack and make it sound like he actually was a teensy bit excited for the Gilmore Girls revival but the damage was already done.

My Dad had moved on from our Daddy-Daughter dates. He had new, more interesting things to think about.

And me?

Well, I suppose I have my blog.


Well, Gilmore Girls. I suppose I will be following where you lead, sans Dad.

17 thoughts on “Where You Lead? Apparently Not!

  1. I love that you and your dad used to watch Gilmore Girls together! Too cute! And I’m for sure for sure that when the revival comes back on, he will be just as equally as excited as you. I hope they bring back all of the characters though! #teamsnookie

  2. I WILL BE YOUR GILMORE GIRLS DATE. I WILL FLY TO CANADA EVERY WEEK BECAUSE THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SHOW (and you, but not in a creepy way!). I can’t wait for this!! GG is such an important part of my young adulthood.

  3. Such an awesome show! My father, now 86, has Netflix due to my daughter, and without any provocation started watching the show and loves it… LOL… who knew dad’s would love it as much as we do!

  4. I read this too! So I immediately went home that day and started watching on Netflix. I’m still watching too! Season 2! I need to be all caught up by the time it comes back! lol.

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