Fishy Self Esteem

Kevin and I bought a fish together last weekend.

I know, I know, the commitment level of this is giving me panic attacks but fish don’t live that long and it’s ok because I will obviously retain custody of our fish if anything were to happen between us (also the waffle maker, but that’s just a given).

… Just kidding, Sweetie!

Phew. Good thing Kevin doesn’t read my blog!

Anyway … moving on!

Our new fish, Captain Slow (named after the always lovely James May) is pretty darn awesome. He’s a spoiled brat of a betta who I love just as much, if not more than, everyone else in my life. What can I say, I get attached very quickly.

Captain Slow, getting used to his new home.

Captain Slow, getting used to his new home.

Side note: I just had a moment of realization. Considering my current level of attachment to Captain Slow perhaps it isn’t a good thing that they don’t live very long? Is there anyone doing research on how to prolong the life of fish? I’d like to donate to the cause! 2-3 years just isn’t long enough!

Captain Slow is basically the most amazing fish ever and, while I won’t admit to the exact number, I can honestly say I have already spent many hours just watching him do his thing.

But recently I have become quite concerned and, dare I say it, rather worried!
(Is that redundant? Whatever.)

You see, Dear Reader, Captain Slow has been working really hard to create a banging bubble nest. (‘Banging’ both because it is awesome AND because it is built for the purpose of banging. Double entendre!)

His first gorgeous bubble nest was accidentally destroyed when I had to change his water (my bad!), but he refused to be sidetracked and is now building a second nest that is better than ever.

It’s quite beautiful and I am sure lady bettas would swim right to it! Heck, they would probably be honoured!



But there won’t be any lady friends for Captain Slow and I worry about the effect this will have on his self-esteem.

Here he is, working hard and building something beautiful without getting to enjoy the fruits of his labours. How will he deal with the sting of rejection after weeks of loneliness? How will he understand that it’s just not possible for him to have a lady fish friend and it doesn’t have anything to do with his bubble making skills?

I have genuinely begun to fret about this.

(For the record, Kevin thinks I am worrying about nothing. Dear Reader, this is why I consider the fish more mine. Kevin just doesn’t love Captain Slow like I do.)

Alas, I will just have to buy Captain Slow some new toys like this floating log to comfort him during this difficult time.

Dear Readers, do you have any advice on Fish Self Esteem? Any suggestions on how I can lessen the pain and feelings of inadequacy Captain Slow is no doubt feeling?

8 thoughts on “Fishy Self Esteem

  1. Dear Readers, do you have any advice on Fish Self Esteem?

    Have you considered getting him some fish motivational posters?… You know, the ones with underwater scenes with inspirational captions. If you cannot find them… Hmmm, sounds like an excellent business opportunity.

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