A Canadian Thank you

Happy Friday, Dear Readers! I hope you all have tremendously wonderful weekends! It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada (Which I obviously think makes more sense than American Thanksgiving on account of me being Canadian. Why should I have to wait for the end of November for Turkey? That’s just bizarre!) so I will obviously have a nice looooooooooooooong weekend.

Well, not that long.

It’s only three days.

I didn’t really need to use that many “o’s” … that’s a bit excessive.

It’s not like I am on a vacation or anything.

Oh well. Moving on.

I am really looking forward to this weekend because something very magical and amazing and totally awesome arrived for me in the mail this week.

This is my new favourite book and I will love it forever and ever.

This is my new favourite book and I will love it forever and ever.

Yup. That’s right, you guessed it Dear Reader! (I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here.) My illustrated copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone arrived in the mail this week and I have spent the last few days counting down until I am able to curl up with a blanket, a cup of tea (obviously I need to drink tea when reading a British book, that’s just common sense) and read this new edition addition to my collection. (hee hee, that sentence makes me smile).

Sure, I already have an electronic copy of all of the HP books on my Kobo, and yes, there are the hardcover copies already prominently displayed on my bookshelf, but this one is different! It’s illustrated! And new!



Why are Harry’s glasses so thick?! … Oh, right. Because I can’t paint.

I like to tell people that I bought this illustrated edition so I can share these wonderful stories with my future kids, but the truth is those hypothetical little buggers better keep their sticky hands off my Harry Potter books. (Why are kids hands always sticky?!)

Now, Dear Reader, don’t go thinking I am cruel. Obviously I will buy any future offspring their own copies when the time comes. Every kid should own their own Harry Potter. And one day, if they are really, really well behaved, I might even let them look at my copies. Maybe even touch them … While wearing mittens of course. Two sets. Worn over top of one another.

Actually maybe not. Let’s just stick with looking.

Ok. I had a point! Now back to it!

As it is Canadian Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am to all of you, Dear Readers, for stopping by and reading my rambly thoughts. I appreciate you all very much, even the skimmers!

Thank you.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, Dear Readers.

Now back to my Harry Potter!

I am obviously going to drink out of my Harry Potter Mug. ... Yes, I did make it. No, it sadly wasn't my original idea. (Thank you, Pinterest!)

I am obviously going to drink my tea out of my Harry Potter Mug.

Yes, I did make it.
No, it sadly wasn’t my original idea. (Thank you, Pinterest!)


14 thoughts on “A Canadian Thank you

  1. I get it, when it’s Thanksgiving we get to talk turkey about Harry Potter. Seems a little unfair you Canadians get to do this first. But, come late November, then it will be your turn up north to be envious of us Americans. That ought to be a new experience for you, eh?

      • Your quite right, even when talking about he who should not be named. Watch out for the turkey hangover. The tryptophans after-effects have been known to last even as far out as New Years. And then there’s the endless gobble, gobble, gobble, that usually ensues in those who eat the turkey. But, that passes by April 1st. 😀

    • Thank you! And Sort of? A lot of stores recently (about 3 years ago or so … Or possibly earlier, I’m not overly observant on these things) started putting on Black Friday sales the same day as American sales but it’s not a big thing here. Canadian Black Friday enthusiasts tend to just head south of the border.
      Besides, I was always more of a fan of Boxing Day Sales 🙂

      • Of course I was just joking, but I think it would be fun to have a Black Friday right after your Thanksgiving just like we had here. Though you Canadians are so nice (or so I’ve been told) that you would probably say “You go first, no I insist you first” instead of us crazy lunatic American who will stomp on people for a cheap TV that won’t work in a week.
        And I’ve heard about Boxing Day and wholeheartedly agree. We should totally have that here, but nooo we go right back to work the day after. UGgghh.

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving, darling! I hope you ate just ALL of the turkey! P.S. ISN’T THE ILLUSTRATED HP AHHHHMAZINNNNNGGG??!!?? I may or may not have spent the good majority of my weekend reading/obsessing over it. Can’t wait to have them all! 🙂

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