An Alphabet of OCD

A          Alphabetizing Everything

B          Breakdowns

C          Counting

D          Double Checking, then Double-Double Checking (Never Triple Checking because that’s an Odd way to put it)

E          Even Numbers Only

F          Freaking Out about Odd Things (Literally)

G         Googling one subject for hours, even the boring stuff

H          Hoarding but calling it Collecting

I           Interested in Everything, though really it is more obsessive than actual interest

J           Joking about “CDO” (It’s like OCD, but the letters are in Alphabetical Order… As they should be.)

K          Kicking ass at colouring books

L           Lack of Sleep

M        Multiples of 2, 5 or 10

N         Normalizing behaviour

O         Obsessive Organization

P          Practicing Conversations

Q         Questions and being extra, extra thorough

R          Rituals

S          Social Anxiety

T          Tracking Everything: Books Read, Movies Watched, Steps Taken …

U         Understanding when others have the same problem

V          Very, Very Organized (which is different than Obsessive Organization … because I say so)

W        Watching everything and everyone … but in a non-creepy way. Mostly.

X          X-Tra ways of spelling words because you have to complete the alphabet

Y          Yelling when people try and put your books/dvds/life out of order

Z          Zonked – or, perpetually exhausted.

15 thoughts on “An Alphabet of OCD

    • I wish I could take credit for that joke but I saw it on a cat meme one year and it has stayed with me ever since.
      It would make sense! They could just change it to Compulsive Desire to Obsess! Then they could just call it CDO Disorder.

      • Yeah, clearly the scientists in charge of naming it weren’t really thinking of the poor CDO people that would struggle with that very thing. And you totally have to take credit. That meme was probably from the future, came back to the past to read your post, then went to the even more past and used it “before you”.

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