The Friend Resume

I’m going to drop a bit of a bombshell on you, Dear Readers.

Are you ready for it?

Well, ready or not, here it is:

I am not very good at first impressions.

Ok. This is not as much of a secret as I like to pretend. In fact, I am pretty sure I have discussed it here in this blog multiple times (possibly every entry, but who wants to go back and read those?).

Seriously, Dear Readers, it’s bad.

I always come off as a bit deranged, super intense, and frighteningly eager. Sure, sometimes people find it endearing (I hope) but for the most part it just creeps people out a lot. Now, believe it or not, I really have tried to tone down my excitement when I meet someone new (aka: Potential Friends) but even my toned down enthusiasm is cringe worthy.

This lack of social grace has a tendency to make finding new friends a difficult task. Like, super difficult. Some might even say Herculean.
(That was word of the day and by golly I got to use it!)

This is why I was so excited when Kevin suggested the concept of the Friend Resume to me.*

The Friend Resume, Dear Readers!
How great is that?

The Friend Resume is a resume that you can carry around in your purse/briefcase and hand out to potential friends and it lists all of your delightful hobbies and possibly even includes references? Delightful!

Gone would be the days of awkward first impressions! Instead future friends could just read about you and decide ahead of time whether or not they want to set up weekly craft nights. I would obviously carry about five around with me every day. (One has to be discerning and five seems like a good number.) Perhaps I could even put them in nice portfolio folders to eliminate creases? New friends like you to be neat, right?


I mean, I can’t count the number of times I have met people in a store or overheard conversations on the bus and just thought to myself “These are my people!” Boy, would a Friend Resume have come in handy then!

Anyway, I have been working away at my Friend Resume and think it is finally complete and ready to go to the printer (once it receives your approval, of course.)

So stay tuned, Dear Readers, for the Friday unveiling of my Friend Resume. I am so ready to make friends!

*Disclaimer: Kevin was apparently kidding and does not endorse this idea. But so what? I think it’s awesome.


Kindred Spirits! If only I had a Friend Resume, perhaps the two of us could have continued our friendship after the photo op?



22 thoughts on “The Friend Resume

  1. What a great idea! For those of us that are very picky about our friends and would love to see friend resumes this is a great idea. First thing on mine would be: Not good at first impressions, but have a wicked sense of humor that you have to dig down for.
    I can’t wait to see your’s!

  2. Sarah, I think this friend resume thing is really going to catch on. But, I can’t believe you’d stoop to stealing my word of the day. Plus you used it! Now I have to go find another word of the day, and you know how slow I am. That could take weeks, maybe months! By the time I get another word of the day, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands will have already been used, leaving me with reduced possibilities! I just hope you know how devastating this was. Seconds upon seconds of scouring my Websters, totally shot, and all because you used… Herculean. I just hope you can sleep at night, after what you’ve done. Oh well…back to my thesaurus. 😀

  3. I can so totally relate. I wrote a story called – Meeting friends is hard when you’re too old for summer camp – because it is so hard to make friends.

    (And that in NO way was meant to be a plug for my blog.)

  4. I’m really bad on paper, in person, and from a distance. I’m still looking for a medium where I can SHINE! Who knows maybe I could paper airplane a friend resume from around the corner at some potential friends and get something going. I’ve always been told, by my mother, that dating and making friends were similar….maybe that’s why I’ve never been any good at either. Hmm. Maybe I’ll jazz up my friend resume with a crisp fiver and see how that goes. Everybody likes cash.

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