Posture is Overrated … Possibly.

You know you need to re-evaluate your life when the number one sign that something is wrong with you is that you have great posture.

I have had three people come into my office today asking me what’s wrong, all because I am sitting up straighter than usual.

In the interest of full disclosure there was something wrong … I have a pinched nerve in my neck that occasionally acts up making it difficult for me to turn my head.

But still, my sitting up straight shouldn’t be that dead of a giveaway! I mean, it’s not like I lie on top of my desk most days.

Sure, I like to slump with the best of them, hunching my shoulders in my best Quasimodo impression, but that’s what the boys find sexy these days, isn’t it? Hunchbacks and terrible posture?

Isn’t it?

PS. If you are wondering where I have been most of the summer here is a picture for you.

Books! The best escape!

Books! The best escape!

Yes, it is true, my one week of slacking has turned into an entire summer of laziness and procrastination. Alas, I will try to get back in the habit of regaling all of my Dear Readers with my awkward stories. (Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped being awkward!)

7 thoughts on “Posture is Overrated … Possibly.

  1. Well, Sarah of Western Canada week, you take a week and follow that up by taking an entire Summer, and just when millions of Canadians were starting to get warm again. Well, I for one can’t wait to see what your going to do with Fall. So, I’ve hatched this master plan (in an incubator no less) in order to speed up September. First, I will reduce the number of days in the month of September from 31 days to 30. Second, I will have schools start in August instead of after the Labor Day holiday. And perhaps my most ingenious plan of all… I will start having advertisers airing their holiday commercials—in September! Your weren’t counting on any of that, were you Sarah of Western Canada, hey? Mouhahahaha… cough! cough! cough! Its nothing just a little cold I’m suffering from, but I’m taking Trimedic for it, and should be out of my hidden underwater fortress in no time at all. 😀

      • I understand. The world will sleep better for it. Obviously you are the noble person I thought you to be. Never thinking of yourself, but only that of others. While I on the other hand, without thought for anyone else but myself (only because I was born with the birth defect of a megalomaniac) have decided not to do anything without chump-change being involved. Some have said I only work for peanuts, but I’m not an elephant man!

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