Felicia Day Fan Girl

Felicia Day is my hero. She is honestly one of the most interesting and cool people to ever walk this earth and I admire her greatly.

This is why I have pre-ordered her book.

And why I think we should be best friends for all time and have all the fun and do things together and maybe go shopping sometimes because she has awesome taste in clothes and honestly we would totally get along great.

Dear Felicia, I still really want to be your best friend, even though your Platform 9 3/4 picture is so very much better than mine. Sincerely, SMRP

Dear Felicia, I still really want to be your best friend, even though your Platform 9 3/4 picture is so very much better than mine.

Ok. Sometimes I can get a little weird when I am enthusiastic.

Which is exactly why Kevin does not think it is a good idea for us to travel to Portland for her book signing.

And then head to Seattle the next day for her other book signing.

Apparently following her from book signing to book signing is less a sign of admiration and more a sign of being a giant weirdo-creep who needs to maybe cool it off a bit, mmm’kay?

Obviously I don’t want to be the weirdo traveling from city to city and just staring intently and breathing heavily when I get to the table at her signing, completely unable to tell her my name or why I think she is a great role model or even do anything other then twitch awkwardly and sweat more than any lady should.

Not attending is probably for the best.

Especially in light of what happened when I met Aaron Douglas. (Obviously every one of my readers knows who Aaron Douglas is because they not only loved Battlestar Galactica but loved the character Chief and thought he was dreamy and delightful. We all have so much in common!) 

Oh, what I wouldn't do for a Do-Over.

Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a Do-Over.

You see, Dear Reader, it was 2010 and I was attending the Calgary Entertainment Expo with some guy friends. As the token girl I took great pride in being well versed in the Comics and Sci-Fi world and everything was awesome. (That’s something to brag about, right? I am so far behind on what is “cool” these days. Or, if I am being honest, I am always behind on what is cool …)

All was hunky dory until suddenly I found myself a foot away from Aaron Douglas. My heart slammed into my chest, my palms became a sweaty mess, my mouth flapped open and closed like a caught fish, and my eyes grew impossibly wide.

I stood there, silent and stunned, blocking his path for the slowest full minute of my life (yes, it was timed). Then suddenly a bunch of words exploded from my mouth without any kind of sentence structure or semblance of sense.


There may have also been drool and a few wild hand gestures.

It was mortifying.

My friends were disgusted by my Fan Girl behaviour and left me alone to think about what I had done.

And considering how much more I love Felicia Day than Aaron Douglas I can only imagine what it would be like meeting her at her book signing.

It would probably not go well.

Alas, Kevin and I will not be trekking to the US of A so I can meet and greet with Felicia Day and impress her with my incredible wit and poise (or, more accurately, embarrass myself with run-on sentences and crazy eyes). Instead I will have to content myself with reading her book and writing her more love letters.

It’s a hard knock life.


9 thoughts on “Felicia Day Fan Girl

  1. Tragically, I have had the same weirdo crush and humiliating social moments with Arthur Fry. He is the guy who invented Post-It Notes. [I can hardly breathe after typing that. OMG!! OMG!!]

  2. Felicia Day is pretty awesome. I have never really considered myself one to chase celebrities, because I just don’t know what I would really have to say to them that was any kind of interesting or needed and I think they are bothered all the time. Though I haven’t met many anyways, I don’t know what I would do, but still I hope that I nicely respect their privacy.

    • I agree with you completely (except I always think I have something interesting and needed to say).
      This is why I much prefer to view celebrities from my Night Vision Goggles as it ensures they aren’t overly bothered. (At least they aren’t until they find out I am there …)
      PS. Thank you for stopping by! I am a huge fan of your blog 🙂

      • I do tend to view from afar. Once I saw Bill Russell wandering the mall (he’s one of the greatest basketball players of all time) and he lives not far from where I live. I only noticed it was him when I saw how tall he was (7’0 tall) and I could have chased him down, but didn’t want to scare him. He looked like he was happy to be left alone. Though I probably should have got my stalker goggles on and followed him! And thanks for being a fan of my blog, though I couldn’t compete with Felicia Day!

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