Google Image Search

The other day my friend was searching for tattoo ideas and she came across a very interesting Google Image Search.

If you type the following in to Google Image Search exactly as seen below you’ll be in for a treat:

Tattoo “just tea, thank you”

Now go!

Nothing interesting yet? Keep scrolling, Dear Reader, just keep scrolling.

See it yet? Yes, Dear Reader, that is my face! Multiple images of my face! I am officially Google Image Famous! Granted, it’s a very obscure Google Search, but I’m still counting it.

Now, if only I could find it a bit more exciting and a little less creepy.

Alas, that will teach me not to post weird pictures of myself on the internet.

Or maybe not.

I found love, at last.

I found love, at last.

12 thoughts on “Google Image Search

    • I think my friend literally just wants a “just tea, thank you” tattoo. It was definitely random!
      … I’m not going to lie, when she told me to Google that exact phrase I thought there would be something gross and probably naked. I was a tad frightened.

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