” Remember that time I was awkward?”

“You mean all the time?”

“Yeah, that’s the one!”

Bear-y Good!

Bear-y Good!

One of my favourite types of humour is when people laugh more because they are uncomfortable than because the joke was actually funny.

Growing up as an incredibly awkward child I used to make people uncomfortable all the time and it was devastating. I would always say something weird or completely out there. Often times I would stare too long or fidget and bump into things. Sometimes I would just avoid eye contact and speak reallyreallyreally fast.

And don’t even get me started on the hand gestures!

Dear Reader, I know I am not fooling anyone by saying all that in the past tense. We both know I still do all of those things. All the time. Every day.

It honestly wasn’t until I got much, much older that I learned to appreciate my awkwardness for the hilarious attribute it is. Once I began to embrace my inherent clumsiness and lack of social graces my life became so much easier.

Now I choose to laugh with the crowd rather than shrink awkwardly away when I do something silly.

And boy is it delightful.

PS. Dear Reader, this was meant to be a much longer post but I would rather save my awkward stories for stand-alone retellings where I can stretch out three sentences into three pages of rambling awkwardness, Alas, you will just have to be content with a short post and a picture of me pretending to be a bear.


19 thoughts on “Remember?

  1. After a lifetime of awkwardness, with age I have achieved a certain gravitas. Now if I could only do something about the cartoon t-shirts, plaid shorts, orange socks and hippie sandals…. and oh yeah, all the disgusting habits I have acquired over the years….

    • Awkward People are the best people (at least this is what I tell myself when I’m being particularly awkward).
      Shorter Posts are pretty great, though I find they are often more difficult to write than long posts.
      … Though that may be because I’m long winded and wordy …

      • Occasionally I’m long winded and wordy and go on, and on, and on until suddenly… I decide I’m not going to go on, and on, and on, but instead omit the period altogether and use an infrequent comma (or two, okay maybe three) just to talk about punctuation which has nothing to do with this response at all, but is wonderful filler, but I only drone on like this when I have absolutely nothing constructive to add about how awkward I truly am. I think I just got too wordy… again.

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