triSARAHtops vs. Anxiety

As I have mentioned in the past, I suffer from OCD (albeit a fairly mild case, thankfully). This is something that has been with me my entire life and as such it is something I am both used to and comfortable with.


Every once in a while the compulsions get the better of me and I can feel myself slipping into dangerous territory. This usually happens in times of high stress.

I will count every step, breaking out into a cold sweat when the number of steps to my door is an odd number. I will alphabetize my DVD’s and then I will re-alphabetize them just in case I got it wrong the first time. Then I will do it a third time, this time checking inside each DVD just in case the discs have been switched.

I will binge watch all 6 seasons of a show that I loathe just because I saw the first episode and now can’t stop until it’s done.
(This is why I generally try to avoid starting shows while they are still on the air. I really can’t stand the idea of committing myself to 10 seasons of mediocrity.)

These slips are few and far between though they do happen. In an effort to cope with these instances I have developed tools and strategies to recognize and combat them as they start.

One of those tools is Pinterest.

I kid you not, Dear Reader. Obsessively pinning DIY crafts and Inspirational Quotes allows me to still feed my compulsions without going overboard. Hoarding virtual pins won’t hurt anybody and it can be very cathartic.

At least until something like this happens. The other day I was searching Pinterest for quotes on anxiety, hoping for inspirational gems I could copy onto post-its and plaster all over my apartment in both a compulsive fashion and a calming gesture. Instead I found this:


Dear Reader, if you can’t tell why this picture sent me spiraling into a pit of counting and alphabetizing with a massive side of eye twitches you obviously do not suffer from OCD. Let me spell it out for you. This list goes 1 through 5 and then skips ahead to 7.

What about 6?

Seriously. What about 6?

What if “Coping Statement” number 6 was the one I needed? The one that would cure me? Where is it? What happened? Why is it gone?

“Coping Statement” number 6 has become my Holy Grail. The mythical element needed to find everlasting peace and enlightenment.

This cursed picture has caused me more anxiety than you can even imagine.

I am obsessed.

I must know what “Coping Statement” number 6 is.

Or, at the very least, I must find the author of this picture and punch them in the face.


16 thoughts on “triSARAHtops vs. Anxiety

  1. Oh, that’s simple. #5 read:

    “I’ve stopped my negative thoughts before and I am going to do it now.”

    The author neglected to say, “right now”
    #6 was probably something negative like “I am going to squeeze by coworker’s head.” So the author stopped thinking it and continued onto #7.

  2. I can definitely relate, girl. There are for surely some things that drive me bonkers–I HATE it when my gas total isn’t right on the dollar exactly. And I have this weird thing where when I’m eating M&M’s for instance, there has to be an even number in my mouth at all times. I can pop three in; it has to be either two or four (or let’s be honest, ten) at a time. It’s great that you have these coping mechanisms! 🙂

  3. I can relate in a small way. OCD has crept into my life in one very specific form: chewing something that has more than one of it. For instance, Skittles — if I chew two on the right side, I have to chew two on the left side. Or give the wad of chewed up candies equal chewing time on both sides! I have this need for balance.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I hope you find your #6 — or its author.

  4. First time reader, long time OCD sufferer. Maybe they skipped the number 6 for the same reason some buildings don’t have a 13th floor, skipping from 12 straight to 14. They’re allergic to logic.

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