Filtered Fanatic

I am an Instagram addict.

I don’t care about the hashtags (which I still call pound signs thank you very much), the follows, or the celebrity pictures that prove they are just like us only better. No, I’m in it for the filters. Aden, Crema, and let’s not forget Earlybird. Ah! My loves!

As an extra awesome bonus Instagram pictures are also the perfect dimensions for scrapbooking and general arts and crafts. Who cares about picture frames when you can make awesome homemade coasters?

Alas, my addiction is becoming a bit of a problem. Every time I get home from a hike or a trip I end up filling my friend’s feeds with dozens of Instagram photos, uploaded in huge batches without any regard for people who don’t want to see yet another picture of a west coast tree.
(You mean there are people who don’t want to see dozens of filtered photos of hiking trails on Vancouver Island? Who are they? Cretins.)

My hope is that by admitting my addiction I can move past it and learn to appreciate photos in their raw format again. Or, at the very least, remember to put my phone in “Airplane Mode” before filtering to prevent mass uploads.

Here’s hoping my quitting Instagram goes smoother than my many failed attempts at breaking up with Starbucks. Wish me luck, dear reader!


Oh Amaro! You just make everything look so majestic! I think I will miss you the most ...

Oh Amaro! You just make everything look so majestic! I think I will miss you the most …



15 thoughts on “Filtered Fanatic

    • I’m no quitter! I always just assume that apologizing for my addiction while not ever doing anything about it still counts. Right? Right!
      Besides, I’m not sure I can ever give up those lovely filters … at least not until I learn how to use Photoshop.
      PS. I like to think of WordPress as a social network … that way when people ask me if I am being social I can say yes instead of admitting that I just spend all of my time hiding in the woods and drinking Starbucks.

      • Oh! Well in that case, it’s all good! Photoshop is incredibly easy, Although as much as it saddens me I have to admit that instagrams built in filters actually are at times better than manually editing photos; that’s coming from a full time designer. It’s so sad, but so awesome all at the same time – Instagram really is my favourite! Also, I strongly concur! Not so much on the Starbucks bit, only Costa, and only peach ice lemonade (not a coffee drinker!)

      • Side note. What a reply! Wasn’t expecting anything as in depth as that! I’ve been commenting on blogs a lot and usually all I get is “cool, thanks” so props on the conversation rate right there! Officially my new favourite blogger! Or only favourite, considering I don’t really follow many people…

      • I’m definitely more of a tea drinker myself but there is just something about the atmosphere of coffee shops that just sucks me right in. I loved Costa when I was in England. It was how I started my day during my vacation 🙂
        And yes, I know what you mean about replies. I’m always thrilled to have a conversation with fellow bloggers but comments usually don’t go beyond the “Thanks :)”.
        Best of luck to you in the blogosphere 🙂

      • I have to agree, I often find myself in quirky little Cafe’s with an accidentally ordered desert! Oh where are you from? I thought Costa was world wide, how uncultured of me. And I couldnt agree more! Im trying to comment on as many posts as I can! I find it really builds relationships with followers plus it just seems like the entire blogging community is just super super friendly! Same goes for you! Thank you for the reply, Keep in touch 🙂

      • I’m from Western Canada, and as far as I know we don’t have Costa? (Though that could be wrong … Canada is really big and I can’t really claim to have a lot of knowlege of coffee chains that aren’t within walking distance of my work.
        I’m so glad you are having a good experience with the blogging community! And thank you for the awesome conversation 🙂

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