Fake Flowers? (Now That’s A Blog!)

On Sunday I invited my Dad over to check to see if the Orchid I found in the “give away” area of my apartment building was real.

The orchid had been prominently displayed in my living room for the last two weeks and I had been tending to it while unable to decide if it was a fake plant or not. On the one hand it was super pretty and looked real. On the other hand it looked a bit too pretty and felt rather … off. (Are flowers supposed to be that perfectly formed? Are leaves supposed to feel so plastic and rubbery?)

In my defense I tend to think all beautiful things are fakes.

When I confessed this to my parents they laughed and laughed until I was surprised that they were still able to breathe.

Apparently it’s easy to tell if plants are real? I’m quite skeptical about this.

Anyways, my Dad came over and within seconds was able to tell me that yes, the orchid was real. And yes, I am a massive dork.

Well at least now I know I haven’t been watering plastic …

These are obviously real! ... ... Right?

These are obviously real! … … Right?

11 thoughts on “Fake Flowers? (Now That’s A Blog!)

  1. Haha! Don’t feel bad. Growing up, my mom had fake tulips that she kept on our fireplace mantel. The fact that they were there for years and years on end, located not a mile near sunlight and right above live fire mind you, obviously escaped my 10 year old mind. I was a very bright child. It was only until I saw her dusting the flowers did I realize that yep, they were in fact NOT real.

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