Sentimental Claptrap (The Third)

I met Kevin while I was seeing someone else.

Sort of.

That’s the thing I hate about internet dating, you don’t want to miss out on opportunities to get to know people but you also have no idea where you stand after just one or two magical dates (or even just pretty good or not terrible ones). When do you take down the profile that took three hours and a thesaurus to create? When do you decide to put all your eggs in one basket? (Fertility joke FTW!) It’s all needlessly complicated and I definitely overthought the process.

Still, I knew minutes into our first date that I liked Kevin. If I had been 10 years younger I would have doodled his name on my notebook at work. Heck, I probably (definitely) did it anyway even if it wasn’t strictly age appropriate.

There was just something about him that made our dates feel effortless (even if he did spend far too much time talking about the movie ‘The Human Centipede’ on our first date).

By our second date I knew without a doubt that I was deeply, irrevocably in like.
(Our second date is one of my favourite stories which I have regrettably promised never to share on the internet. And no, dear reader, get your mind out of the gutter. It wasn’t anything seedy or weird, just adorably romantic and unforgettable.)

One month in I couldn’t imagine dating anyone else or even ever wanting to.

And now, three years later, I still feel exactly the same. Sure I no longer feel the need to wear makeup every time I see him and I rarely if ever change out of my pajamas on our nights in, but I still find myself smiling whenever I think of him unexpectedly. It’s magic.

Today is our third anniversary and I am rather delighted. We have made so many amazingly fun memories together and have been on enough adventures to fill three scrapbooks and a notebook. (Me? Sentimental? I guess …) We fit well together.

He is the calm to my neurotic.

He is the sensible to my whimsical.

And he makes me happy.

Together we are totally my favourite couple … you know, after Marshall & Lily, Logan & Veronica, and Rory & Amy. I guess it’s better to say we are totally my favourite real couple? Let’s go with that.

But I digress.

Here is to another year of adventures and escapades. Here is to another year of board games, wine, and Lord of the Rings. Here is to another year of date nights and awesome hikes.

Here is to another year of us.


Delightul and Delighted! PS. Yes, I am wearing glasses over top of my glasses. All the cool people are doing it.


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