Sing a Happy Song

So this weekend I did not smash my niece and nephew’s Christmas presents or even steal any candy from them. I guess that’s a good thing but I’m still undecided on that front. Instead I spent the weekend being nice (mostly) and enjoying the effortless joy that comes with visiting family (mostly).

All in all ‘Plan New Year’ is not off to a great start but I would still call this weekend a success. You see, dear reader, I have a secret weapon, an instant joy maker that allows me to be happy and forget about my worries. It’s something I am grateful for every day knowing that not everyone is as lucky as me in this regard.

No, it’s not the love of my family or the joy of watching my niece and nephew grow and develop unique personalities. Don’t be ridiculous.

No, dear reader, my secret weapon is ‘Dexys Midnight Runners’. Or, more specially, their song “Come On Eileen”.

“Come On Eileen” is my happy song, my upper of choice, my rock when times get rough.

Honestly I am not joking at all. I am being completely, 100% serious.

It started more than 15 years ago when I first heard the song on the radio. It was catchy and fun and I heard it at a time in my life where everything was going well and I remember being happy. A few years later when I finally discovered downloadable music it was the first song I procured (that’s a lie, but it was certainly the most significant song) and even at a young age I knew what I had was special.

For the next ten years I only ever listened to “Come On Eileen” when I was happy. Good day at school? Come on Eileen! My crush talked to me? Toora loora! My first pay cheque? At this moment you mean everything!

It was an unintentional study in positive reinforcement and the end result has been delightful. Over the years I have unconsciously removed the song from every playlist during my dark times (these times were reserved for angsty verse and tragic love songs) and as such the song has never been tainted. It is still my happiest song and can instantly change my mood around with just the first few bars.

I am still careful not to overuse it or ever abuse its powers for evil.

Instead I prefer to listen to it when I know it will help, and it never lets me down.


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