Good Day

This week has been a bad one. Well, this last month has been a bad one, but I prefer to lay the blame on this last week.

You see, dear reader, I’ve had some major setbacks in my recovery over the last month (pain in my hip/back/knee/entire body, as well as a lot of difficulties with my concussion) which have finally succeeded in bringing me down, down, down. Plus to top it off, after several weeks of complaining about a leak in my kitchen, my sink finally exploded resulting in water damage and an unfortunate conversation with my landlord.

This is my "Don't Mess with Me" Face. I know, I know, I'm pretty intimidating.

This is my “Don’t Mess with Me” Face.
I know, I know, I’m pretty intimidating.

Still, the sink is now fixed (mostly) and my physiotherapist recommended I look at the difficulties I have faced over the last month as hiccups rather than setbacks (smart man).

This is why I have decided that today is going to be a Good Day.

Screw feeling sorry for myself and letting bitterness take over, I am choosing to be happy today and that’s that.

Discovering that Happiness is a choice we make rather than a condition is something that has taken me 27 years to learn and is something that I still struggle with constantly. I am naturally an anxious person and a constant pessimist (though I prefer to identify as an optimistic pessimist: I believe the glass is half full but I’m going to knock it over anyways) which makes it difficult for me to remember to be happy.

But I’m trying.

And it’s working.

Happy Friday, everyone, I hope it’s a good one!


6 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. I love this! You are the only one who can decide to be happy or not (and sometimes, that is quite the battle, let me tell you!) But in choosing to be happy, to have a good day, you are giving all of that negativity a big “F” you and taking control. Hope you feel better soonly, my dear and have a fantabulous weekend!!!

  2. Wow again Sammie! I’m not so sure you are a pessimist – you always consider your options and make good choices in your life. Keep happy and well, my darling daughter, time is a great healer. You have come a long way and your journey continues. Love you so much, Mum

  3. Yay for happiness! Mistrusting eveything and looking negative is a standard way to go these days but the whole sctrew it all method works well, especially when doing DIY (if screws are involved).

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