The Many Loves of S.M.R.P (Now That’s A Blog!)

Last week I was discussing the Love Letter segment of my blog with my Dad (it is a mutual favourite) when my Dad expressed concern that I would soon run out of people to write Love Letter’s to.

As if!

It’s like he doesn’t know me at all.

I have a list of at least sixty people that I am desperately in Pretend Love with, all waiting for my particular brand of wooing. In fact, I am quite the Love Letter Slut. (Sorry, Kevin.)

Some of these loves are fictional and some are real people that I have fantasized about to the point of them becoming fictional, the persona I have created in my mind so charming and likely completely different from who they really are.

All of these loves are deep, emotional, life changing attachments I have formed … Or at the very least I think the subject is a cutie patootie.

So stay tuned, dear reader, and never fear! There will be many more creepy somewhat uncomfortable Love Letters posted here for your enjoyment.


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