Temporarily Sans Boyfriend

My boyfriend is leaving me for a month to go backpacking with a friend of his. He’s quite excited about this trip and very well prepared and I honestly believe it will be a good experience for him. That being said I am quite terrified. I am a very anxious person and a constant worrier so of course I am terrified.

Still, I believe all will be well and I am really looking forward to seeing his pictures, hearing his cool stories, and also opening the awesome present I am sure he is going to remember to buy me.

But being alone for a month isn’t all bad. With my lovely man gone I can indulge in some of my favourite things without any degree of guilt or embarrassment.

Like what? you ask. Well, I’m going to tell you!

Here, for your reading pleasure, is a list of all of the awesome things I am going to do while I am Sans Boyfriend:

  • Binge watch all of Xena: Warrior Princess I can’t tell you how I excited I am about this. It has been years since I have seen an episode and even longer since I have watched them through. No more sharing the remote, now I can chill with Xena and Gabrielle and imagine Felicia Day and me in their place. (I am happy to be Felicia’s sidekick any day)
  • Stop Shaving My Legs And it will be glorious.
  • STER Dates! I have so many awesome dates planned with my sister I’ll be lucky if I manage to see anyone else while he is gone. We have adventure dates and exercise dates, beer dates and play dates (both the playful type and the actual “play” type) planned and are so excited for all the awesome sister time ahead.
  • The No Naughty November Challenge With my gentleman caller gone I think I will finally be able to conquer the No Naughty November Challenge. No junk food, no drinking (except for red wine), no buying breakfasts/lunches, no skipping the gym or exercise classes, and no sex. I know it sounds terrible, but I’m actually looking forward to it. This girl definitely needs more discipline in her life and this sounds like an excellent way to start. (Side Note: the no drinking does not extend to the awesome Beer Events my sister and I are going to. Winterbrau FTW!)
  • Freedom to Ogle Moustaches No jealousy here! I will have complete freedom to unabashedly stare at the Mo-Vember participants at my leisure
  • Fall Asleep Reading Romance Novels No more staying up late with the boyfriend watching Top Gear and Doctor Who, now I can finally go to bed at a sensible time and read myself to sleep like I’ve always loved doing
  • People Watch on the Weekends and Write Write Write! I love to sit alone and watch people (not in a creepy way, just in an interested way … and sometimes in a creepy way) and get story ideas while pretentiously writing in coffee shops. This is hard to do with someone with you.
  • Listen to the same Eight Songs on repeat, loudly And sing along too.
  • Spa Nights at Home Hair dye, manicures, face masks, bubble baths, and wine in glasses as big as my face. Probably while reading a romance novel and listening to my short playlist.
  • Plan Our Trip to Costa Rica And, in the moments that I am missing him, I can always plan the awesome trip that we are going to have in 2015. Costa Rica, baby!

As sad as my life may sound to you, dear reader, I really am excited for this alone time (and the time I get to spend with my sister). While doing the things you love with someone you love is always a wonderful experience sometimes it’s nice to just hang out with numero uno (Myself).

That being said, I hope he misses me as much as I am going to miss him.


He’s pretty miss-able.

2 thoughts on “Temporarily Sans Boyfriend

  1. Girl, there are so many pros to having some QT by yourself (I’ve been a single gal now for about a year and am definitely realizing that not having to shave my legs, wear a bra around the apartment, watch all of the Real Housewives of wherever anytime I want AND not having to share my ice cream pints is kinda nice). It’ll make having your BF back all the more sweet 🙂

    • Definitely! I am looking forward to it quite a bit, aside from the obvious missing him yadda yadda I think it’s going to be a lovely month!
      And not having to wear a bra is basically living the dream.

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