The (Western) Canadian

Are you ready to finally sate your curiosity? (Curiosity which was undoubtedly brought to life back when you read my 100th Post where I talked about my Next Big Project. Because I know you remember that.)

Are you ready for the announcement? The big reveal?

I have a new blog.

Yup. In case it wasn’t enough for you to read my satirical and self-important ramblings here at triSARAHtops, now you can also read my satirical and self-important works of fiction at The (Western) Canadian. But don’t despair, dear reader! I plan to still post here in triSARAHtops and have even worked out a schedule (OCD FTW!) allowing me to still regale you with both personal stories of my everyday humiliations and childhood traumas. Just now you get to enjoy the added bonus of my fictional ramblings too.

Now, you already know the type of writing you can read here at triSARAHtops, but here are few things you can look forward to at The (Western) Canadian:

  • The occasional “Throw Back Thursday” where I will post stories I wrote growing up including the infamous “Belle’s Adventure”, a story I wrote when I was 8. For this segment I also plan on experimenting with video sharing (hopefully), perhaps even including some of the movies I made growing up.
  • Picture Posts and Witty Quotes (for those days when I want to follow my publication schedule but really have nothing to say)
  • Random Excerpts from stories I am working on. (Currently I am writing a crime fiction novel which is in a semi-permanent hiatus – though I hope publishing it on my blog will help me finish it, a travel themed fictional account of my sister’s and my back-packing trip back in 2004, and a host of other projects, short stories, and romance writing. Really, whatever catches my fancy.)

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about this new direction and I hope you are too. Please hop over and take a peak, aside from the introduction there is nothing posted yet, but I encourage you to subscribe and see what the future holds. New posts will be published on Monday’s and Thursday’s to compliment my current triSARAHtops schedule of Tuesday’s and Friday’s.

And, as always, thank you for reading.



PS. In case you didn’t click on the “I have a new blog” link, here is the link to The (Western) Candian, for your enjoyment and so it can be added to your internet favourites.



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