Friending Etiquette, pt. 2

I’m not sure if it’s the trendiness of the city or my own inherent awkwardness, but whatever the reason I have found it very difficult to make friends here in Victoria. Now dear reader, I know that you think I am a master of the art of Friending Etiquette but the truth is I’m just not very good it.

My tried and true (well, it worked once) method of cornering strangers (or as I like to call them “soon to be friends”) and talking rapidly at them until they agree to be my friend just doesn’t seem to work here. Apparently desperation isn’t that appealing, especially as you enter your late twenties.

But the truth is I’m just not sure how else to approach people. I always thought that asking someone to be your friend was a good way to do it (though perhaps I should leave out the “pretty please?!”). Asking gets the message across and eliminates unnecessary small talk. Though apparently small talk is necessary when deciding who you want to be your friend, I guess getting to know someone works too, if that’s what you’re in to. Who am I to judge?

In all honesty, I find the process of small talk and trying to find common ground quite tedious. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking at people and telling them everything about me and everything about everything I like, but small talk requires a certain amount of listening that I’m just not that interested in.
(Dear reader, don’t take this to mean I don’t enjoy listening, I do. I just don’t enjoy listening to people talk when it’s not going to end up with us being super good friends and braiding each other’s hair and watching movies and having real heart to heart conversations that we reminisce about when we are old and grey and are still bff’s. Or, you know, at the very least playing board games occasionally.)

Still, it seems I will have to try harder to relate to people. You know, put in a real effort to get to know my fellow man and master the art of casual conversation so I can build up my circle of friends and start having a real social life.

And if that fails I could just keep doing what I am doing and enjoy my three friends (one of which I am dating, and two of which are my sisters) and use the rest of my lonely time to write, write, and write.



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