Addiction: The First Step is Acceptance

My name is Sarah, I am 27 years old, and I am an addict.

It’s true. Now, I am no stranger to addiction (my OCD personality practically demands it) but somehow this time it feels different.

Dear reader, I am addicted to Board Games. Playing them, buying them, reading about them, rating them, cataloguing our ever growing collection in an excel spreadsheet. All of it.

It started years ago. My brother, sister and I had a tradition of playing “Zombies” on Christmas Day while my parents cooked Christmas breakfast. This is still one of my favourite family traditions, though sadly one we haven’t been able to partake in for the last few years. It marks in my mind the Golden Age of The Porter Family Christmas.
(Not that our Christmases are not awesome now. They are. Don’t worry, Dad. You and Mom are still doing a fine job. Honest.)

From there it became an occasional hobby. My old boyfriend and I had a few board games which we played from time to time, and we even discussed buying more games though this was never something we got into as a couple.

But the seed had been planted. When I met a certain group of friends in Edmonton my former interest exploded in to a full on hobby. Just the sheer volume of awesome table top games ready for playing blew my mind. From strategy, to silly, to luck, to long and involved, to quick and mean, to combinations of all of those elements! Board games became something cool in my mind.

When I moved back to Victoria I joined a board game Meet Up Group (like AA for board gamers**) which was less than awesome but fed into my obsession.

And then along came Kevin.

Kevin not only liked playing board games, he also wasn’t a giant dick if he lost (I’ll admit he doesn’t lose often) which is a HUGE bonus! Finally, instead of worrying about what would happen if I won, I could actually play to win! (Again, not something that happens often.)

Our collection of games is ever growing and super awesome. Seriously. It’s super.

And really, this type of addiction isn’t that harmful. You know, unless our stack of board games collapses on me. In that case I’d likely break a rib or be buried alive. But who knows, maybe I can play my way out?

**Just kidding. It was nothing like AA. Here you had to pay for the cookies.

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