Love Letters, pt 4. My Forbidden Love

Dear Felicia Day,

I want to date your Avatar (cause, you know, you haven’t heard that one before).

Ok. That was lame. Let me try this again …

Dear Felicia Day,

You know that t-shirt that says “Always Be Yourself! Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.”? Well, I want that t-shirt. But I also want a second one that says your name in place of Batman.

I love you. Seriously. Like, a lot. Words can’t even describe it. You are brilliant, a true nerd, and a natural red head. Your Flog inspires me and your tweets make me laugh (#lol). (Or, at least, I assume they would if I actually went on Twitter.)

I have watched every episode of “The Guild” at least twice, have all of the songs in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” memorized, think “Spooked” is really cool, and have been a regular subscriber to Geek and Sundry since it began. I also follow you on Facebook and Instagram. Though I don’t follow you in person. That would be illegal and super weird.


BFF, just pretend that statue face is me. I’ll forgive you for not knowing that I hate ice cream cones.

Aside from that one dream I had about Kate Winslet (which still makes me blush) you are the only girl I have ever loved.  And unlike my love for Sheldon Cooper (carnal) and my love for Alex Edler (superficial) my love for you is pure. I honestly just want to be your very best friend forever and ever.
(But not in a creepy way. As of yet there are no kidnapping plans and I don’t have a replica of your house with card board cutouts in my basement or anything. In fact, I don’t even have a basement.)

I just really think you’re cool.

But more than that, I think you are an inspiration. Your video on writing made me want to write again. (My loyal reader, aka my Dad, thanks you for this.) And while I’ve personally never had any desire to milk a goat, I’m sure your other videos have inspired people to do things too.

From your creation of “The Guild” to the inception of Geek and Sundry, you have paved the way for so many people to follow their passions and do what they love. Your blog is both insightful and funny. You are proof that being nerdy isn’t a stigma. That quirkiness has an honoured place in society.

And also you’re unbelievably gorgeous. Like, bombtastically beautiful.

I love you, Felicia Day. You’re the best imaginary BFF a girl could have.


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