Dear Dad – Your Anniversary Present

To my Darling Parents on their Anniversary:

TV marriages have always annoyed me.  They always consist of either the harping wife with the belaboured and put upon husband, or the couple is unrealistically quirky and annoying with their perky resilience and “love conquers all” attitudes. What bullshit.

It is for this reason that I have always looked to my parents for realistic views on life.

Life has not always been easy for them, and it has not always been perfect, but they have both always done their best to make life happy for their three kids. They have also always looked out for each other, truly being best friends.

It is a far finer example than the marriages on “Breaking Bad” and “Once Upon a Time”, though admittedly less likely to get ratings during prime time.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.
38 years together is no easy feat, and is truly something to be proud of.


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