Awkward! (Now That’s A Blog!)

You may have noticed, dear reader, that this category has been woefully empty pretty much since its inception. And I have a bit of a confession on that score. It’s not that there haven’t been several awkward moments over the last year where my father desperately cried “Write about this one!” it’s more an issue of semantics. You see my dad has used every other phrase possible instead of saying “Now That’s A Blog” and since he hasn’t used the exact phrasing we agreed upon I have been able to get away with not writing. (Sort of. He still bugs me about writing weekly.)

But he’s finally caught on. So, without further ado, I bring you the latest installment of “Now That’s A Blog!”

Yesterday, while taking the bus to my parent’s house I was digging through my purse trying to find my earphones. Now, you’d think I would have learned the valuable lesson of utilizing zippered pockets since this last incident but alas, I still just throw everything into the bottom of my purse and hope for the best. Well this time, rather than erotic dice, I ended up throwing a feminine hygiene product (somehow this sounds much more scandalous than “pad”) on the floor of the bus. Proving that chivalry is not dead a very handsome young man bent down to pick up my dropped object. His carefree and somewhat flirty smile turned instantly to dread with a hint of disgust when he saw what the object was, his hand only just out of reach. Quicker than a kid touching a hot stove he wrenched his hand back and snapped back up to standing, leaving my pad on the floor of the bus with me scrambling to grab it before anyone else noticed.

My expression was a mixture of bashfulness and annoyance as I stuffed the item back in my purse. It’s not as if the damn thing was used.


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