Porter Family Christmas (Now That’s a Blog!)

We’re only a few hours into Christmas Day and three things have already happened.
First, my Brother just convinced me to join the Pen 15 Club. Yup, at 25 I am still falling for elementary school tricks. (Not to be confused with “Elementary, my dear Watson”.) Not sure what the Pen 15 club is? Go ahead, write it on your hand and find out.

Second, my Mother just told me to put on a bra even though I’m wearing one. Finally my body is catching up with my 85 year old personality. That one stung a bit.

Thirdly, my Father told me “Now That’s A Blog!”. And that, dear reader, is why you are treated to this travesty of a post. As per my previous agreement with my Dad, I have to write a post every time my Dad say’s “Now That’s A Blog!”.

Merry Christmas, dear reader.

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