This Is Not A Real Post

(You were warned).

Every once in a while I have a nightmare that I am still in high school. It’s always the same. Finals are coming and I have skipped far too many of Mr. Willie’s Bio 12 classes and, despite the awkward puberty books we had to read as children, I have no idea where babies come from.

I’m sure there is some deeper meaning to this dream. A modern dream interpreter would probably tell me I have confidence issues. Freud would say I’m in love with my Mother.

My interpretation?

I think I just wanted an excuse to post this picture:

3 thoughts on “This Is Not A Real Post

  1. the other day your brother tried to get me to do math to figure out the answer to a question (he always does this when he already knows the answer). I ended up confusing HIM. Then he gave up in despair.

  2. How did I not know about this “Not A Real Post” before? It is awesome! I especially love the picture. I would have wanted to use it too 🙂

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