Love Letters, pt. 2

In honour of the NHL 2012 All Stars Game tomorrow, I am writing this love letter to my third favourite Canuck. I only hope that he isn’t offended that he’s my third choice. After all, aren’t people always saying “Third Time’s the Charm”?

Dear Alex Edler,

I don’t love you because you are a fantastic hockey player and one of the best defence players in the league (though you are). I don’t love you because you are humble and friendly to the media with an extremely attractive tendency to downplay your accomplishments. I don’t love you because you are Swedish and thus have an adorable accent. No, I love you because you are gorgeous.

Seriously, you are gorgeous.

So gorgeous, in fact, that I don’t even mind (much) that you are blonde.

I can see it now, our first date, walking hand in hand through Ikea. You will explain the funny names to me while I gaze up at your goofy smile, pretending to listen to you explaining the funny names to me. We will buy a $3 package of Swedish Meat Balls on the way out and enjoy $1.50 ice cream cones. At the end of the evening, as you drive me home, we will then take a quick detour so you can introduce me to Ryan Kesler.

Such romance!

I know from my internet stalking that you are shy and my obsession with has shown me that, while you don’t have much to say, what you do say is worth hearing.

It’s ok that you don’t talk much. I don’t love you for your ability to talk.

One day when I move to Vancouver I hope to run into you constantly (and coincidentally) in front of Rogers Arena, at a grocery store that you frequent, and outside of your apartment.



PS. In the spirit of honesty I should confess that I hate Swedish Meat Balls. I hope this isn’t a deal breaker.

You are the only good thing about the Number 23


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