Man Tracker (or, This Is Not At All What It Sounds Like)

Ok, there is something I have to explain before starting this post. A justification of sorts.

I LOVE Excel.

I don’t mean love in the way that a boy tells his first girlfriend he “loves” her to get to third base. No. My love is All-Caps, underlined and written in bold. A pure love. Through good times (Windows 2003) and bad (Vista), for better (XP) or worse (Open Office), I LOVE Excel.

Understood? Excellent, I can get on with it.

The other night my father found out I have an excel spreadsheet to keep track of men I’ve been on dates with. I know what you’re thinking (“Sarah, you so crazy!” … and not in a good way) but I have a reasonable explanation for this. Or, at least, it’s an explanation.

Last summer I went on a lot of first dates in a short amount of time. Seriously, a lot of them. This naturally compelled me to start a spreadsheet.

I feel the need to tell you, dear reader, that my “Man Tracker” isn’t colour coded. There are no graphs or pie charts, and I haven’t gone near the function features. It’s just a list of names and a brief description of the date. In chronological order, obviously.

Very minimal, very straightforward.

And not at all strange.

(Come on folks, I can’t possibly be the only person who does this?)

Side Note: Having this list will allow me to look back fondly on the Wild Days of my youth, remembering Column A-Line 14 and our lovely walk on the breakwater.

Second Side Note: Perhaps having this spreadsheet implies that “the Wild Days of my youth” aren’t that wild at all …

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