Now That’s A Blog!

Every time I do or say something particularly witty or awkward (which is constantly) my father responds by saying “Now that’s a Blog!”

I kid you not. He literally wants me to write a post about my every hilarious observation and my every humiliating encounter (especially the humiliating encounters). Don’t get me wrong, I see his point. A lot of what I say and do is funny enough (or, more commonly, awkward enough) to share, and I should write more, but it’s just not that easy. Why, you ask? Because of context! I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of thought goes into my posts (and for the most part you’re right) but I do at least strive for context.

Still, I am nothing if not accommodating. For this reason I bring to you the newest category in my blogging format: “Now That’s A Blog!”. From now on every time my father tells me “Now that’s a Blog!” I will post the incident using as few words as possible. This will be a challenge as I have a tendency to be long winded and wordy (which I’m sure you’ve noticed).

I’m not going to lie, I am rather excited about this new posting format. It has all the secret joys of an inside joke, with that air of exclusivity, and also allows me to post absolute shit pure comedic gold and blame it on my father. Win Win.

So stay tuned, dear reader, for (hopefully) hilarious ambiguity.

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