Texting for Fun?

I like to taunt my father by sending him text messages.

I know, I know, it sounds cruel, but the truth is it’s a wonderful pastime. See, my father only recently bought a cell phone and, though he is usually fairly “tech savvy”, he has no idea how to use it. This is amusing to me.

And really, it should be amusing to everyone.

Because he is unable to ask me to stop via text, I have taken it upon myself to bombard him with lame jokes (“How did the Ocean Greet the Sand? It Waved!”), commands (“Have you read my new blog post? READ IT”) and loaded questions (“Don’t text back if I’m your favourite daughter!” and “Don’t respond if you regret not letting me join gymnastics!”). Despite his tirades to the contrary, I know he finds these texts amusing AND endearing.

Isn’t technology great?

PS. Immediately after finishing writing this “post” my father sent me an ALL CAPS message stating that he has indeed learned how to text. Thanks for ruining my fun, Dad.

2 thoughts on “Texting for Fun?

  1. hahaHA!

    David still struggles to text message, if it’s any consolation.. .although he can send messages, so I don’t recommend taunting him.

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