Not Exciting Is Not Boring

Continuing with my previous theme of “things that I am not”, I wanted to take a moment to inform you that I am not an exciting person. Not. At. All. My ideal Friday night? Sweat pants and Gilmore Girls (or, if I am feeling particularly adventurous, sweat pants, Gilmore Girls AND Marvel Online. Bring on the baddies!) My perfect Saturday evening? Dr Who and White Cheddar Popcorn. Throw in an adorable dinosaur reference and some knitting or a new scrapbooking project and you’ll have me smiling for days.

I know that your early twenties are meant for partying and drinking until your liver dies, but I’m just not as keen on that as I used to be. (Perhaps this is because I am now in my mid twenties?) Sure, I love blackouts and jaundice as much as the next person, but I’d rather live vicariously through someone else’s STI scare than go through my own. (Though I often envy the eenie meenie miney mo method of “Baby Daddy Deduction”.)

Recently my father, ever the encourager as evident in previous posts, pointed out the similarities between me and the Senior Citizens Victoria is famous for (since I’m clearly not one of the newly wed, this means I must be one of the nearly dead). How, you ask? He made fun of my renewed passion for knitting. It was a Saturday night and I was at home, wearing sweat pants (obviously) and knitting while watching Sopranos with my Mother. Apparently this is an unusal evening for a 24 year old spinster?

Occasionally my doldrum demeanor endears people to me. People trust the “Mom-ness” factor, and I have oodles of it. But as endearing as it is, it sure doesn’t help in the dating department. Men like excitement, they want someone they can chase and, Oedipus aside, maternal tendancies are not particularly sexy.

(Ancient Greek Literature Reference FTW!)

But the truth is, I’m ok with this. I like being frumpy. I enjoy papercrafts and sewing projects. Organization and Alphatization are a treat to me at the end of a long day. I love to bake and I truly believe the Pro-Con List is the greatest invention of all time (even greater than Orthotics!).

It is my opinion that an evening in is more fun than an evening out and, when I do go out, I am perfectly content to sit at the table and watch the coats while my friends get up close and personal with Mr. Right Now.

I kid you not, I honestly have the personality of an 84 year old woman, with the movie tastes of a 12 year old boy. (Sexy, ain’t I?)

More often than not this makes me seem boring. But please, dear reader, do not confuse not exciting with boring. There is a world of difference.  

Just as nerd is the new cool, I am optimistic that not exciting will one day become the new interesting … A girl can dream.

Until then I have a new scarf to knit.

4 thoughts on “Not Exciting Is Not Boring

  1. Crafts are in right now. So basically you’re on trend. How is that boring?

    Besides, any idiot can go get drunk at a bar.

    But don’t spend *all* your time at home.

    • I don’t spend all of my time at home … a lot of my time is spent on the bus, thinking of going home 🙂
      … I miss you, dear.

      I am SO on trend! If only you were around for Stitch n Bitch evenings 🙂

  2. I like any blog that mentions your Father because he sounds like such an interesting guy. I do hope however, that you capitalize the word in future!

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