Subtly Obvious

My father prefers my slyly subtle humour to the kick-you-in-the-face-unless-you-think-I’m-funny obviousness of my last post and, since I mostly write this blog for his enjoyment and critique, I suppose I should acquiesce. Honestly, I’ve never really thought of myself or my humour as subtle (I was once caught staring at Ryan O’Byrne’s “package” … totally worth it) and am rather tickled. 

To celebrate the occasion I am awarding myself with a new nickname. “Subtle Sarah”.

Subtle Sarah certainly has a nice ring to it and I have high hopes that the nickname will take over for the “Tubby Tabby” and “Chunky Monkey” monikers I have had since my oh-so-terrible teens. Some may say that the use of “Subtle” in a nickname is, in fact, the opposite of subtlety … and they would be right! But who cares about right when there is alliteration? (This is rhetorical. Please do not answer. Seriously. Just don’t.)

I would like to take a moment to say that alliteration adoration and assonance admiration are perfectly respectable traits. True story.

Now, back to my point, which I shall subtly convey.

I am funnier when I am not obvious.

… Is it still subtle if I tell it to you straight? Or can I just pretend I am being Ironic? … And is that the proper use of Irony?
I miss school.

Regardless, “Subtle Sarah”. Remember it. I won’t answer to anything else. 

PS. If you don’t like the overtly funny, what did you think of my HP Knock, Knock joke? Signed, Curious.

One thought on “Subtly Obvious

  1. …subtle doesn’t rhyme with anything… but it is way better… my smiles were far more intense. As you say, it also “alliterates” ??? nicely with Sarah!

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