So you think I can’t dance

This post actually has nothing to do with dancing. I can dance though I only use my signature dance moves (the penguin shuffle, if you didn’t already know). I have also recently incorporated the Creep and the Camp Rock Air Guitar to my repertoire. “We rock, ahhhhhhhh”.

No this post is actually about my (lack of) singing talent … I just couldn’t come up with a clever play on American Idol for the title.

See, when I was a wee’un, I was convinced that I could not only sing, but sing really, really well. I can still remember when I first saw the Pocahontas movie trailer. I spent days following my Father around, serenading him with the chorus from “Colours of the Wind” (it was the only part I knew).

To be honest, I’m surprised my parents never invested in a muzzle.

After about a week of this my Dad, ever the encourager, went out and came home with a blank cassette tape. He was grinning as he presented it to me. Record myself, he said. This way I could “share in the experience”.

I was giddy with glee (and still am, though now it’s the TV show, not the emotion).

I rushed to my room, thrilled to record my first demo. This was it. This was my shot for fame and fortune (it never occurred to me that I had no one to send the tape to and thus no way of becoming famous).

So there I was, alone in my room, all background noise extinguished (Julia was outside), singing my little heart out.

After about five minutes of belting out the chorus over and over I stopped the recording, rewound and geared up to hear myself sing.

I hit play and listened for about 30 seconds. That was all I could take.

That was when I turned to see my Dad, his face split open from the force of his grin.

I didn’t have to say anything, he could read the question in my eyes. “Yes, that is what you sound like”. He left the house, laughing the whole way.

You may think my Dad is cruel to have broken the news to me this way, but the truth is he did me and all of my future acquaintances a favour.

Don’t believe me? Allow me to sing for you one day. I have since learned all the words to “Colours of the Wind”.

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