It’s like a hamster wheel, for adults.

I spent my lunch break today in the usual way, walking around in circles. Mind you, these are large circles. I don’t want you thinking of me like a cat chasing its tail (I am not nearly adorable enough for that).  No, these large circles are really just laps around the building I work in, with the occasionally zig zag thrown in for variety’s sake.

I lead a very exciting life.

All joking aside, I seriously contemplated retiring from my daily laps after the “incident” last week, but the only other option is to spend my lunch break at my desk staring out the window at a large (and surprisingly inactive) parking lot. Laps it is.

The incident, as I am now referring to it, was the merciless and unprovoked attack I suffered last Thursday. My attacker moved so fast, I hadn’t seen him until it was too late.

I was stunned.

I was stung.

That’s right. Last week during my daily laps I was stung by a wasp. The attack was completely unprovoked and was over before I’d even noticed it had begun. I was left standing on the street corner as my arm rapidly began to swell, splotchy red marks spreading down to my finger tips.

And then the twitching began.

See, I am allergic to wasps.

Thankfully I was able to get allergy medicine off a co-worker which at least stopped the swelling (though it did not make it disappear). I spent the rest of the afternoon looking like a one armed weight lifter, my fingers twitching periodically as I sat sullen at the filing desk.

C’est la vie.

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