Boy-o-Boy! Do I have an update for you!

… Just not yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to say. This includes, but is not limited to: interview irritations, travel trials , and the ever popular (and ever increasing) dating disasters. Trust me, you’re dying to hear my awkwardly adventurous stories … but like a Mormon boy and his first girlfriend, you’ll just have to wait.

Despite the influx of embarrassing moments since my return to Victoria I haven’t been writing. There have been too many people to see, too many places to visit, and far too many opportunities to watch 13 Going on 30 … on repeat. It’s been a crazy two months, and all I have learned so far is that things really don’t change.

I still have the same friends.

I still take all the same buses.

I am still less cool than the students at Belmont.

That being said, it does feel weird living in Victoria again. After nearly five years of relative independence, I am finding it hard to adjust to life with parents. I’m sure with time we will all adjust, and until that time comes I will try my best not to “ruin Summer for EVERYONE!”.

So, dear reader, I promise to write again soon and document for you my every faux pas. I can only hope that my awkwardness leaves you feeling better about yourself.

To tide you over,  I will leave you with this helpful Public Service Announcement, brought to you by our friends at Jurassic Forest:

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