I can has followers pt 2.

Though my readership has grown (do followers still count when you pay them?) my Dad is still encouraging me to “be more popular”. (Geeze Dad, after my traumatizing failure at popularity in elementary school you’d think you’d just like me for the friendless nerd I am. Why can’t that be enough? WHY?!)

*Deep Breath*

Still, I live to please which means I have now enabled the “search engine” feature. So … now I’m done, right? One would think that I could just continue to post my witty witticisms and wait for the admirers of mediocre and irrelevant ramblings to flock at my literary door.


Wrong. As I just learned, enabling the search does absolutely nothing unless one adds “tags” to their posts.

Tags? As in TAG, you’re [keyword] it?

Which brings me to my only question … is it arrogant to add the tag “Hilarious” to every one of my blog postings?

2 thoughts on “I can has followers pt 2.

  1. I agree with your dad, it shouldn’t be hard to simply “be more popular”, right? Do it! Do it now! 😛

    Also, to help you out with your Google indexing:
    (begin search keyword abuse)

    Hilarious! This is a great example of a highly valuable post! This post solved my problem! Thanks! Very informative and excellent! Will read again! Other generic platitudes and salutations!

    (end search keyword abuse)

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