This one is for my Second Sister

As promised,

I’ve spent the last six years of my life trying to be more “Gangsta.” (Though, really, I would settle for being more Gangster. I hear the mafia is where it’s at, or at least that’s what Martin Scorsese has taught me.)

I’ve done everything from the sideways baseball cap to the rolled up pant leg. See, I’m still stuck with the early 90’s gangsta image. None of this “poppin’ caps in yo’ ass” silliness. In my mind it’s all about “Ice Ice Baby”.

Nothing says Gangsta like the Ninja Rap. Nothing.

So far I’ve yet to convince anyone I have what it takes to be “bad-ass” though I’m still trying. Perhaps in another 6 years I will get it right?

Until then, I am prepared to soldier on, pant leg up, cap on sideways, and bling at the ready.


One thought on “This one is for my Second Sister

  1. We should totally start a gang and call it the Sters! It would be very exclusive but I like the look you are going for and I dig the Ninja Rap 😀

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